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And I'm so cold

let me in your window

it's me, I'm Cathy, I've come home
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I'm Louisa, and I believe that life is a mistake that only art can correct.


Skins (first gen, plzkthnx).
The Tudors.
Anne Boleyn.
Doctor Who.
True Grit.

I want to be the next Evelyn Nesbit.

And remember: Keep calm and have a little neck.

acting, activism, adam pascal, aeschylus, age of bronze, aida, albert hofmann, alice ripley, altos, anne boleyn, anti-death penalty, anti-imperialism, anti-racism, aristophanes, arthur/gwen, astrid berges-frisbey, autumn, bell hooks, bernadette peters, bikini kill, bloody bloody andrew jackson, bookstores, bright eyes, bright star, broadway, calling their bluff, candles, capslock, cats, charles mee, charlotte wakefield, chocolate, chris/jal, cillian murphy, conor oberst, doctor who, documentaries, drama, edie sedgwick, edward said, effy stonem, ellen mclaughlin, equality, eryn murman, euripides, eva green, fair trade, feminism, finding true love, fishnets, gin, girl interrupted, grassroots, greek drama, greek mythology, gwen/morgana, hailee steinfeld, heinrich schliemann, henry/anne, homer, hooded sweatshirt walks, independent films, inglourious basterds, irony, jazz, jesse swenson, joe iconis, john gallagher jr., jonathan groff, jonathan rhys-meyers, josefina scaglione, joy division, kathleen hanna, katie mcgrath, kerrigan-lowdermilk, kink, kisses, krysta rodriguez, la vie boheme, labrys, lace, le tigre, lea michele, leg warmers, libertarian socialism, life, light in the piazza, lingerie, living for art, lou reed, m, m.c. escher, margaret atwood, margaret cho, matt shingledecker, melanie laurent, memories, merlin, merlin/morgana, morgana, moritz/ilse, muse, musicals, natalie dormer, neuroscience, next to normal, ngugi wa thiong'o, no-way-to-make-a-living, obscure references, passing strange, peaches, performance art, phoebe strole, photographs, placebo, post-punk, princess mononoke, psyche in a dress, punk, rain, ralph ellison, rent, repo the genetic opera, riot grrrl, sandford meisner, sappho, shoes, skins, spring awakening, stars, stephen sondheim, stilettos, sylvia plath, tea, team eleven, the virgin queen, the weimar republic, theatre, theatre of the oppressed, tony kushner, trees, true grit, unitarian universalism, w.b.yeats, walt whitman, west side story, what-about-the-white-women, william blake, wine, women in antiquity